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I’m Lucas. I’m a teenager from the U.K. I love taking pictures of my adventures to share with my friends and family, and now you! There will be a weekly blog uploaded every Sunday including recent events, challenges and photography! I shall also upload other things like my work and other useful tips that I find along the way.

This Website Is Your Oyster.

Why did I make this?

At the time of writing this the U.K. is essentially in lock down due to the outbreak of Corona virus [Covid 19] . No school, social gatherings, and only allowed out of your house for essential shopping and 1 form of exercise a day. To sum all that up, I am basically confined to my house. My school has been setting work but I have been finishing it before noon leaving me the whole afternoon to do something. The thing is Xbox, YouTube and T.V. only takes you so far in the world of boredom. A few days into this my mum asked if i would be interested making a website to show off my photography. I said yes of course! And that is why I made this website. 29.3.20

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